This Is About Internal Agitation

So in your face, obvious
That no one seems to care
Hollow molds of emptiness
No more hope left to share
Resurrecting from within
Rekindling the flare
Rise up O down trodden
Change the state of affair
Your revolution is waiting
There are responsibilities to bear
Let’s take them on, one more time
With unison we declare
We’ll fight for human dignity
To eradicate despair…

The agitation that started in Tunisia is now spreading to other parts of the Muslim world. This is no emotional outburst of uneducated masses caused by any external stimuli. This is not about demonizing the west. There is no US flag burning. There is no religiously motivated rhetoric behind the outrage. This is not even about demanding rights; I’m afraid that time is long gone! This is about hopelessness! This is about despair; despair that reaches deep down into the human psyche imploding the soul. People in the Muslim world have being oppressed for too long. The primary mode of oppression has almost always been this sleazy style of statesmanship; driven by greed; intoxicated with power; void of any conscience; hollow from within; self absorbed!

Of the world’s poorest nations, more than half are Muslim. Moreover, about 75% of refugees in the world today are Muslims, externally and internally displaced, due to wars, famine, and/or severe economic conditions. There is no sign of just governance of public affairs in many Muslim countries. There is no end to social inequities. Justice is for the wealthy. Punishment is for the weak. Such unhealthy conditions of social and economic imbalance, not only creates desperation but eventually fuels social destabilization and unrest ripping apart the very fabric that binds a society.

It is true that physical agitation is a manifestation of lack of basic civic necessities. But what we see today is not a result of physical agitation that can be controlled by force. Although many leaders in the Muslim world will resort to brutal force to suppress this uprising; a cowardly act indeed. In actuality this agitation is the agitation of the soul, especially Muslim youth, one that is fueled by the deprivation of human dignity. For it is true that these so called Muslim leaders, the whole lot of them, have done nothing but to deprive their people of basic human dignity.

It only starts as a whisper
That ignites a burning desire
They may fight the uprising
But they can’t put out the fire