The Abyss

We stand at the cliff, edging towards the abyss

Destroying our way of life, searching for bliss

Startled by our inability to comprehend

Unable to respect descent and to amend

Clinging to a rhetoric steeped in arrogance

Sold out on the supremacy of racial inheritance

Intoxicated with pride, filled with anger and hate

So full of it, that we can’t even see straight

Demeaning, ridiculing, intimidating our own

Unreflective of the root cause of all we bemoan

Living in a state of apartheid it seems

Where race, ethnicity, religion is a barrier to our dreams

Locked up we are in demented realities

Systematically being separated to widen polarities

Aren’t we supposed to be the land of laws?

Where we collectively endeavor to eradicate our flaws

Yet we find ourselves in a banana republic

Our leaders enrich themselves at the expense of the public

Our politics is buffoonery, disguised under a nationalistic cloak

Misguided are our loyalties, our sense of public service a joke

You see what is oxygen to our blood, introspection is to our thought

When our intellect is without reasoning, our character starts to rot


Science tells us that oxygen is important for our brains. In a healthy person, the blood that leaves the heart is fully oxygenated. Lack of oxygen in our blood, causes bad memory, imbalance and disorientation. Science also tells us that physiological stressors have a major influence upon our mood, our sense of well-being and our behavior.  So much of our psychology is influenced by our faculty of reasoning. Lack of ability to introspectively reason causes cognitive incoherence, fueling fear and anxiety within us. When we are fearful and anxious, we tend to give in readily to conjecture and hyperbole.

It is introspection that keeps our perspective balanced and our thought process clear.  If our perspectives are warped, we lose our grip on reality.  Facts can then easily be construed as fiction. And fiction easily transforms into the new reality. When we get stuck in an alternate universe full of fictitious innuendos for too long, we become unable to reconcile what’s virtual versus what’s real.

Void of any introspection, insensitive to the incoming pitch of rhetoric, the arc of which is on a deviant trajectory, our thought process is unable to reject the superimposed hyperbole. Why superimposed?  Because once in penetrates, it embeds itself and masks our logic. People with malintent often use this to agitate masses. If not careful, these deviant transformations of our intellect, starts to act like a malignant cancerous growth that rapidly metastasizes our behavior, eroding our sense love, respect, dignity and social mercy for each other.

If we are to preserve humanity, we have got to protect, preserve and cultivate our ability to reason! Because it is the faculty of reasoning that keeps us grounded.  Like gravity it holds our feet to the ground, firmly keeping us aware of the consequences of our thoughts on our actions.  Without it, we will float in an abyss, bound to collide with each other as we sink lower and lower in humanity.