MBI Frameworks

The belief that mankind is endowed with a certain set of responsibilities that require vigilant adherence to a divine framework, is paramount in understanding the MBI framework.  If the purpose of life is to attain the love of God, then by default our goal should be to subject ourselves to activities that bring us closer to Him. A critical aspect of getting closer to our Creator is to implement His divine framework in our lives. The divine framework is transparent, logically acceptable and simple to follow. It is a tool for us to attain balance in all our endeavors.

Maintenance of balance is not a mere recommendation but a divine order.  Although Islam may play a balancing role when it comes to our personal lives, seldom do we inject and harmonize our businesses, organizations and institutions with that balanced Islamic thought and Islamic principles.

The MBI Frameworks are balance enablers facilitating the process of learning professional and organizational wisdom behind implementing globally harmonized Islamic policies and ethical standards to establish sustainable personal and organizational environments.

The starting point for building such an MBI framework starts with the concept of SALAM©. SALAM© is an acronym that constitutes the building blocks for holistic Islamic governance models.  Each letter signifies a time tested corporate management dictum. Yet each dictum is filtered through the core fundamentals of spirituality and God-consciousness.

The MBI building blocks are as follows:

Sense of Purpose Applying the Framework Learning Organizational Wisdom Accepting the Flexibility in Practice Mastering the Process

Most organizations already have the wisdom and the capability to succeed and grow. The challenge often is the inability to understand organizational context to define strategic direction that results in action-based performance outcomes.  Inefficiently managing  people, processes and tools to maintain the desired level of performance then becomes the hallmark of such organizations.

Mature organizations, however, have a keen sense of performance excellence that continuously aligns them with organizational purpose, where organizational intent and organizational actions are synchronized to produce a high caliber of performance; performance that is outcome based.

Over the years of helping organizations define, design and deploy performance excellence strategies and programs to achieve desired maturity levels, we have decoded the DNA markers for organizational success.  Our SALAM Methodology is a result of that collective consulting wisdom. The figure below depicts a high-level overview of MBI’s holistic outcome based engagement framework.