MBI Workshops

If an organization’s bearings are not calibrated correctly using the God given ethical compass, then all frameworks, whether financial, administrative, or operational, are out of balance. Management by Islam (MBI) facilitates the calibration one needs to inculcate a God-Conscious mindset for upholding universal ethical principles.  Organizational decision making processes, when integrated with MBI provide a clear universal ethical roadmap for management of our affairs.  In the current global environment riddled with crisis, MBI provides a much needed universal ethical dimension to management philosophy, practices and the decision-making processes.

We offer professional workshops on multiple organizational development and performance management topics.  These workshops are tailored to fit organization specific needs.   Workshops are designed after consultation with the right stakeholders and participants are asked to take a needs assessment survey.  “Inverted Classroom” methodology is used to introduce organizational teams to MBI and its balanced governance framework; a framework that is built on the pillars of God-consciousness.  These workshops are normally full day sessions.

Focus Areas

  • Islamic Management Philosophy & Frameworks
  • De-coding Organizational DNA
  • Strategic Planning Fundamentals
  • Performance Measurement 

Session Format

  • Presentation
  • Dialog & Discussion
  • Group Activities

Organizational Performance Transformation Workshop