Dysfunctional Dichotomies of Greed

It is simply the lack of transparency and accountability that allows people to manipulate stuff any which way they want without the fear of repercussions. We as individuals have forgotten how to live within our means. We have become a mind-numb generation void of any intellectual discourse.

Our lazy minds acquire knowledge without ascertaining where it comes from. Knowledge that we intake affects our emotional state of mind. It is our emotional state of mind that dictates our actions. Flawed knowledge creates flawed emotions and flawed emotions create flawed actions. Our knowledge, our emotions and our actions all form our belief system. Our belief system when implemented outwardly becomes our reality.

In order to live we have to borrow. I do not deny that fact! But some where along the lines we have been made to believe that living beyond our means is the way to live; for one can not simply enjoy life until it is living beyond means.

Borrowing only works when there is something tangible that can be leveraged.

So what happens when tangibles get scarce?

Intangible assets leveraging is a fascinating concepts; a concept fueled by the desire to fully capitalize an entity beyond its sustainability. This desire to infringe with perpetuity is what has led us to create complicated financial economic models; models where intangible leveraging is justified by manipulating conjured financial economic data. The result is financial derivatives based on speculative variables artificially inflating our leveraged assets. In our global economies these capitalistic complexities have gotten exponentially interdependent and our desire to live beyond our means that much more inflated. When something outgrows its initial containment it expands; rapid expansion almost always results in an explosion. When something explodes, the restrains cease to function. Explosions wreak havoc in their path often wiping out the very societies that contain them.

This notion that only capitalistic underpinnings lay the right foundation for economic vitality is a fundamentally flawed notion. Unfortunately our numb minds have accepted this reality; a reality that we have become so accustomed to…

Dysfunctional dichotomies of greed
Bleeding what’s left of our creed
With numb minds we desecrate
We accept, we believe and we perpetuate
Hollow rituals of civilized societies
Norms binding us to distorted realities