What is MBI?

Management by Islam (MBI) is an Islam-centric management approach for God-conscious professionals. MBI offers a balanced approach in implementing, managing and sustaining personal and organizational roles and responsibilities. It is a governance model that provides a positive spiritual dimension to existing management principles for restoring the balance in everyday management decision making processes; enjoining that which is good and forbidding that which is wrong.

In today’s business world there is an increasing emphasis towards return on capital (ROC). Financial profitability and risks associated with material well-being has taken on a central role in our business decision making processes. Social justice, public trust and civic responsibilities are frequently traded for economic gains. Corporate scorecards are myopically evaluated by stakeholders, only to focus in on year end profits. Performance, quality and customer satisfaction are viewed only in terms of their impact to financial bottom lines.  Year end profit and loss (P&L) statements have become the only guiding tool for economic health and performance measures. Transparency and accountability although is offered by myriad operational frameworks and management philosophies, yet the focus tends to always be the promise of a greater return on investment (ROI).

For a God-conscious individual, what greater ROI can there be than conducting righteous deeds and forbidding the wrong.  As evident by a saying of Prophet Muhammad, “The essence of the Religion of Islam is giving good counsel”.  Counseling in this context, relates to us being good role models for others to follow. Role modeling is not just verbal lip service; it is synchronizing our intentions with our actions.  Whether it’s an organization or an individual, when it comes to governance and management of affairs, how can faith-conscious professionals be the right role models for other’s to emulate?